How it all began...


My name is Nikitia Morris (Ferguson) and  I've been chosen to carry the torch of breast cancer. Over a two-month  period, doctors told me that I was fine and what I was feeling was  mental, but I didn't give up on me. As we know God has no respect of  person and honestly, I consider myself to be the best candidate for the  job in my family. I'd lie if I said I wasn't afraid at times, but being  afraid is only my flesh responding. When I learned of the information I  was initially taken aback, but soon after I began to thank God for  choosing me. I am honored to be a testament for not only myself, but for  others knowing that I am already healed and enduring for someone else,  hence the name of my campaign #TheBestCandidateTM.

Since  being diagnosed, many people have voiced that I should be devastated  and/or depressed, giving that I was only thirty-four years old with a  ten-year old daughter at the time; however, I am the total opposite. I possess an  inner strength, which allows me to consider this to be a blessing and a  testament of my faith, which I exert, every day. So many people believe  that cancer looks and acts a certain way, but I am a living witness that  you make the decision of what your cancer looks like. In order to  spread the word and share the way my cancer looks, I will regularly post inspirational messages, not only to inspire myself, but also in hopes to  inspire those who read. When people see me out and about it bewilders  them that I am currently undergoing medical treatment. Yes,  there have been some physical changes to my appearance, but the one  thing that has not changed is the smile that I will forever carry on my  face. I have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be  moved!!!!      

Those who know me know that this is only the  beginning of a lifelong journey to INSPIRE, OFFER HOPE and CLAIM LIFE  out of what some believe is the end.

To God be the Glory

With Love,