Who We Are


This  site is dedicated to the fight I'm winning over breast cancer. I'll be  sharing my thoughts, feelings and insights as I go through this journey.  Please check back regularly for updates on my progress, inspirational  stories, laughter and hope that there is life after cancer.

I  also hope to help raise breast cancer awareness. After all, I'm not  alone--1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their  lifetime. Together, we can ensure better odds for future generations of  women.



Kindred  Angels was founded on the premise that there is life after cancer and  we were chosen for a reason, hence our motto, “TheBestCandidate TM.”  This is a faith-based organization that offers hope, support and  inspiration to those battling cancer across the globe. Dedicated to  winning this fight, Kindred Angels will provide care packets,  emotional/mental respite and inspirational support in order to prove  that there is life after cancer. Since 2016, Kindred Angels has been providing care packets domestically.

I was TheBestCandidateTM for the job.

Services Offered


  • In order to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy treatment, I will provide care packets to cancer angels. 

  •  In order to promote a healthy personal image, I will offer emotional/mental respite personalized to each cancer angel. 

  • At  times, cancer angels experience body temperature changes, therefore, I  will offer fans and blankets to combat any discomforts. 

  •  In  order to remind cancer angels that we were chosen for a reason, I will  offer stuffed animals to merely put a smile on their faces. 

  •  In  order to promote awareness, I will host benefits honoring cancer angels  as well as providing inspirational speeches as they fight this battle as  winners. 

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